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A Theory
of Haunting

by Sarah Monette

Most Suitable for Halloween

Kyle Murchison Booth, archivist at the Parrington Museum, has heard of Thirdhop Scarp. Everyone has. The house has been notorious ever since the night that homeowner J.A. Cathcart murdered his entire family, and was found cupping the heart of his eldest daughter in his hands as tenderly as he would a wounded bird.

It is not the first time the house has experienced unsettling events. And it will not be the last.

Now the new owner of Thirdhop Scarp, one Marcus Oleander, is gathering an esoteric order at the house, including Miss Griselda Parrington, daughter of the museum’s founder. The museum director demands that Mr Booth discredit Oleander’s occult teachings and end his influence over the credulous Miss Parrington. Reluctantly, Mr Booth joins the weekend séance.

In the beautiful but eerie surrounds of the house and gardens, Mr Booth is drawn into an investigation that spans years – and reveals the house to be much, much more than it seems…

EXCITING NEWS! The Doctrine of Labyrinths is back in print!


In The Grief of Stones, Katherine Addison returns to the world of The Goblin
with a direct sequel to The Witness for the Dead...

As a Witness for the Dead, Thara Celehar can speak to the recently departed: see the last thing they saw, know the last thought they had, experience the last thing they felt. It is his duty to use that ability to ascertain the intent of the dead and to find the killers of the murdered. Celehar’s time in the city of Amalo has brought him both friends and enemies—and no little notoriety. Now, when solving the murder of a marquise raises more questions than it answers, he finds himself exploring Amalo’s dark underside.

His investigations lead him to the Cemchelarna School for Foundling Girls, where all is not as it seems. Discovering the truth about its headmistress will lead Celehar deep into the city’s history—and into the shattering depths of the loss he fears the most.

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